Airport Guide – Naples

Airport Guide – Naples

Naples International Airport serves the city of Naples and famous Amalfi Coast. Both these places are the popular getaway in southern Italy. Naples International Airport handles all the primary airlines that offer direct connections to major Europian cities and other international destinations. It is the third biggest airport in Italy. It is in Capodichino which is 6 km from Naples city centre.

Terminal Information

Naples International Airport contains two passenger terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 serves as the main terminal and Terminal 2 hosts charter flights. Terminal 1 serves as both domestic and International Terminal. Terminal 1 divides into two areas, Departure Area and Arrival Area. You will find the Arrival Area on the south end of the terminal and Departure Area on the central part of the Terminal. Terminal 1 provides the passengers with services, shops and restaurants. Majority of facilities are available on Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is a bit far from Terminal 1. It serves only charter flights and tour operators. You can go from one terminal to another using the shuttle bus. It is also possible to transfer by walk between two terminals. Naples International Airport hosts well-known airlines including, Thompson Airways, British Airways, Air France, Air Berlin, Wizz Air and much more. From Naples International Airport you can catch a flight to popular destinations like Paris, Venice, Milan, Rome, Genoa, Dublin, London, Newcastle, Manchester and so on.

Facilities and Services

Naples International Airport provides passengers with excellent facilities and services. You will have unlimited access to free Wifi throughout the airport. Health Services in the Arrival Area is open 24 hours. In the Departure Area of the Terminal, you will find Inter-Faith Chapel. If you have to travel to Naples frequently, you can apply for a Fidelity Card. Fidelity Card offers exclusive benefits to frequent flyers.

There are many Airport Tourism and Passenger Desks on the ground floor in the Arrival Area. On Terminal 1, there are banking and currency exchange facilities. Also, ATM and cashpoint machines are present across the airport. Telelink Internet Centre offers business and conference amenities. It includes meeting rooms, rooms for videoconference, computers, photocopy machine, fax machine, and VIP Lounges. All the parking areas, lavatories and lifts are accessible by disabled travellers. Agliati per il Successo is a hair salon available in Arrival Area. Luggage storage and lockers are in Quick Parking Area.

There are different types of parking places in Naples International Airport. You can decide where to park depending on the hours you want to park your car or motorcycle. Short Term Parking Lot is the nearest to the terminal. You will have to pay on hourly bases. Holiday Parking and Business Parking ensures complete security and is the best for long term parking. It is only a short walk away from the terminals. You can also use Airport Shuttles to get to the terminals from here. There are two Motorcycle Parking with separate rates. A car valet parking service is also available.


If you have an early morning flight to catch or experiencing a flight delay, you will have various options for accommodation near Naples International Airport. It is necessary to notice that there are no sleeping pods or rest zones at the airport. Capsule Hotel BenBo is a Bed and Boarding facilities only 100 meters away from the airport. You can also relax in the VIP Lounge Caruso. They have comfortable chairs and a shower facility. You can enter the Lounge by paying at the door or buying a pass or by getting a membership. If you are looking for more privacy and comfort, it is best to check-in into a hotel nearby. Capodichino International Hotel is one of the hotels available near the airport.

Dining and Shopping

There are a few options for dining at Naples International Airport. It includes self-service restaurants, espresso bars, fast-food stalls, wine bar, pizzeria and ice-cream parlours. Keep in mind that food outlets are operational from 4.30 am to 9.30 pm. There is no food outlet open for 24 hours. You can always get small snacks and refreshments from vending machines.

There are two duty-free shops at Naples International Airport. One is on the Ground Floor and another on the First Floor on Departure Area. You will also find various gift shops and newsagents. There is a CRAI mini market on the Arrival Area. Retail shops include high-end brands like Victoria Secret, Chamomilla, Silvian Heach and much more. You can shop for almost everything, including clothing, accessory, sunglasses, books, perfumes, food items and so on.

Airport Transportation

Naples International Airport has located 6 km from Naples city centre. There are a few options that can take you to and from Naples International Airport. Taking a bus is a convenient way to travel. ANM buses serve Naples International Airport. You will find a bus station 100 meters from the Arrival Area. It is a shuttle service between Naples Airport and Naples city centre. It can take you to Napoli Central Railway Station, Piazza Municipio, and Molo Angioino. This shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes starting from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm. If you want to travel to nearby Italian cities, there are various coach companies available.

Taking a Taxi is also a good idea. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the city centre from the airport. Taxi stands are at the outside the Arrival Area. Keep in mind that Naples International Airport has fix taxi fares. You can check out the charge before you take a taxi depending on your destination. If you prefer to travel more independently and comfortable, it is best to rent a car. Car Rental Centres are available in the parking area. A free shuttle bus can take you here from Arrival Area. There are various car rental companies available. To transfer between the airport and parking, you can use a free airport shuttle.